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It's Been a Year and a Half...

and it's time to come back. Shortly after joining equity a worldwide pandemic put all our plans on pause - and then straight up cancelled them. In audition rooms we sang but joked - 'well you can't spread it by sharing music can you?'

How little we knew.

I left the city for a few months out of fear, but hung onto my apartment afraid to lose my last tie to normalcy. This time brought serious sorrow and loss for many and I grieve with and for them. It also shed light on the inequity in our world today, racial injustice and the true dangers of climate change and lack of affordable access to healthcare.

So much has changed and so much is still left to change.

After returning, moving to Manhattan, and cycling through 6 survival jobs (navigating all the best I could), it's time to start again.

I've begun filming self tapes and taking lessons, practicing and getting back in the swing of it all.

Hoping to break a leg soon myself - and wishing our artist community equitable contracts and the opportunity to fulfill ourselves (in public, physical spaces) once more.


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