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I'm a Mom

... a DOG mom that is! I adopted Finley from Tess K9 Rescue - and it did not go to plan.

Originally I had applied for a different dog but she was very timid and bonded to the rescuer. We didn't click and I worried the pup wouldn't adapt well to city life.

They put Finley on the same transport from Texas just in case, and brought her out to meet me to see if we'd match.

Something exploded in my heart and I knew deep down she was my puppy. I was terrified at the thought of walking away with a different dog (nothing was her size and everything had someone else's name!) and she was only 3 MONTHS OLD.

I took her anyway. She rode back all the way from the New Jersey hotel parking lot in my arms and suddenly one of my biggest dreams had come true.

It was an emotional day and raising a tiny puppy ALMOST broke me once or twice, but I am so grateful to have her. She brings me joy every day we're together.


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